Sunday, November 27, 2011


Being brave is something we are all capable of, but sometimes it requires a little searching, a little effort to uncover just what it is we are brave about.  Sometimes we need to be faced with that key situation to ignite the willingness to push forward, and sometimes we have to remember the courage we had before the struggling river wore down the stone's strength within our disposition.  But it is inside us all, and if you are afraid of something right now, just imagine what life will be like if you don't push through it, don't face it head on and let it teach you what you are made of.

Next summer, we will also have a feature film by Disney, set in Scotland with Celtic imagery all over it, to remind us, as mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, artists, dancers, priestesses, healers, shamans, and warriors, what it means to brave.  And maybe it will be a seed of learning for our children.  If this film is as good as it looks to be, I am quite certain I will enjoy it just as much as my brave little girls will!

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