Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Full Moon Fun

My little wild ones and I concocted some multi-colored, all-natural dough for fun filled tactile experiences today.  We made playdough . . .

Homemade playdough is a great treat for the little ones, a bit of a headache in clean up, but well worth the effort.  This was my first adventure with making it, using a recipe from Unplugged Play , a great book with loads of ideas for non-electrical, non-technological, non- tv and non-computer fun, and I have to say it went really well.  The recipe is short and sweet, using flour, salt, cream of tartar, vegetable oil and water. 

1 cup flour
1 cup water
1/4 cup salt
1 tbspn of vegetable oil
2 tspns cream of tartar
Saucepan and cookie sheet

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan on low (I tried low and it wasn't warm enough, so I turned it up to 3 or 4) and stir for 5 minutes (this was more like 15 for me, but it might have to do with the heat setting).  When the dough turns into a ball, remove and spread out on a cookie sheet to cool.  When cool, separate and add food coloring. 

We ended up with seven colors from pink to brown and the girls had a great time with it.  Our non-toxic, edible dough is snuggly packaged in glass canning jars, no plastic required.  I love to avoid plastic when I can!

We made a double batch to get this much and it seemed to work out just right.  We have plenty of ingredients left over for another batch at some point.  Jetta started combining colors almost immediately, so we may end up with a big blob of gray not too long from now!  Either way, their excitement for having made something from almost nothing and it turning out to be such a cool toy was well worth it.  We'll call this a success in our hearth witch/pagan homeschool categories!

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  1. Super cool! I am most impressed with the colors. And I love the canning jars. My mom made homemade playdough for us as kids. But her recipe had Palmolive in it, do it was not edible...and we knew it. Great memories you are making for your little ones. By the way, your site is beautiful. Feels like I am visiting your home.