Thursday, November 10, 2011

Moon Dreams

The evening was filled with a wild woman tone, a little chaos, a lot of herbs, and quite a bit of disarray.  My evolution into hearth magic has been a slow acceptance of the fact that little hands will always grab, and my "tribe" is my family, with each girl a full-fledged wild woman in her own right.  Patience and distraction lead the day when attempting crafting around these two, but with visits from hubby and a lot of persistance, we managed to make a success of the process.

With the moon peaking today, I've been enjoying the anticipation of creating something herby, so I began with a Full Moon incense that I'd made a couple months ago to inspire me.  With a base of red sandalwood powder, which is said to have one of the highest vibrations of any plant, and adding jasmine flowers, mugwort, amber resin and few others, this incense is intensely fragrant and has a strong energy.
Flipping through books and recipes, I muddled through, looking for something that would really support the connection to the full moon and contain ingredients that were on my shelf.  I have a decent herb selection, but there are definite limitations sometimes.  I wanted something that would embody the fullness of the moon, but also aid in building the relationship with her that so many of us work towards.  I stumbled upon a tea to help with dreaming and that's when I started formulating.  

Part of the obstacle to connecting with the moon is that she's so unreachable, literally speaking.  I wanted something to support bridging that gap, and using an herb to promote that dreaminess and some astral projection potential was important.  Combining moon recipes with dream and astral projection recipes seemed to be just what I needed, so this new incense has a healthy dose of mugwort.  I gathered herbs and my trusty blender that I use for grinding hard to grind herbs, or when I am using a large quantity of them and using the smaller (and slower) mortar and pestle would be impractical.  As I ground the herbs in the blender, I combined them in a large bowl and used my pestle to ritually combine them and grind the herbs a little more.  I prefer a varied texture in my incense with the larger pieces just being small enough to burn nicely on  a charcoal disk.  It feels more organic, more in tune with the wild nature of those plants.

Moon Dream Incense
4 parts Jasmine
2 parts Mugwort
2 parts Rose
1 part Willow bark
1 part Frankincense resin
1/2 part Sandalwood
13 drops of Ylang Ylang oil (reduce this amt if your portions are smaller; my "parts" were 1/4 cup each)

Use this incense to attune with the moon, for dreaming, astral projection and abundance in relationship to the moon.  Give a full moon bath to empower it, and then add your own energetic intention before using.  Store in glass, in a cool dark place.

I wanted something else to round this out, something to really add depth to the process, so I mixed a simple tea to parallel the Moon Dream incense.  Much simpler to make, teas are fun to blend and even better to drink, and with hints of mint and touches of cinnamon, this Moon Dream Tea is sure to please the palate.

Moon Dream Tea

3 parts Rose petals
2 parts Mugwort
2 parts Jasmine flowers
2 parts Peppermint
1 part Cinnamon

Combine in a large bowl and stir loosely to blend the herbs.  Fill a glass jar with your herbs and give this a moon bath right next to your incense.  Empower it with your intention along with your incense.  When you're ready to drink it, use a teaspoon for every cup of water.  This tea can also be used as a bath tea by adding to a small canvas bag or sachet  and adding to a hot tub of water.  Breathe in the energy and soak up the oils.  If only I had an over-sized tub to really relax in!

With the moon at 100% today, I'll probably do some empowering and use my goodies for tonight, leaving the bulk of the supplies out for Luna to gaze upon them, kissing them with her reflection and attuning them to her power.

I have a good supply now, and hope to be getting them listed on Etsy soon.  Please share your moon adventures with me if you decide to experiment.  Happy Full Moon!

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