Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beginning the Plan

With my husband at work for the Summer Solstice, the kids and I spent the day doing creative things.  This is really beneficial for us.  It brings us all together at the table, it gets us away from the television and computer, and fills the long days, in this case, the longest day.

I have started the process of sorting out in my mind what we will need more of and less of if we homeschool the girls.  As my sister has stated a few times, I worry and research over things more than anyone she knows.  Part of that worry and research is about the time it takes me to convince myself of something.  My energy is a blend of water (Pisces sun, Scorpio rising) and earth (Taurus moon) and I am EASILY stuck in the mud.  I don't mean I'm boring, a real stick-in-the-mud.  I mean that I get stuck and can't move from one place to the next in order to make decisions, become productive, etc.  It's emotional and energetic and while I am waiting for my system to catch up, mind has to do something!

So I have done a collage to visualize the things I think we need.  What has surprised me is that the list was much shorter than I anticipated.  These things got bigger and more powerful in my mind while I couldn't see them in front of me, but now that I've put them on paper and given it space it seems like it is much more manageable.  And in wanting this to be something that validated my desire for creating a sustainable plan for my family, I gave space to the positive results we will get by choosing to wildschool our girls, and by choosing to make certain compromises in order to do it.

Taking the positive results that I can expect and giving them as much space, or more, than the things I think we need to change was pretty powerful for me.  That part of my brain that only translates information through symbols is really benefiting from that.  There is a part of me that has been separated from that over the last few years, just because life has taken a different path, and I'm intensely grateful to be remembering what a valuable tool this is.

(In the next blog, I'll address how I my plan is evolving and how you can shape your own plan as a first time homeschooler.)

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