Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wildschooling for Wild Spirits!

Wildschooling. Waldorf meets shamanism, art meets hiking, dance meets the four elements. Wildschooling: Schooling that promotes the wild spirit, that encourages the stirring of the inner fires and creative expression beyond water colors and beeswax. Wildschooling: Schooling that not only encourages the eruption of the unbound inner self, but also nurtures it, coaxes it, and teaches it to be bold and brave when facing both the mundane and mystical worlds.

Nature and her inherent wildness is what I look to when I need comfort and a sense of deep connection to the world. And as much as modern advancements have made life "easier," all that advancement seems to make it harder to find ourselves. As we make the commitment to homeschool Jetta and Jade, I know, in my intuitive core, that showing them the way to their inner experience must be a part of what we do. Helping them grow into a commitment to their inner, untamed nature is paramount.

I love Waldorf education. I love the natural materials (though not the cost) and I love the creativity that is used to foster every child's spirit and every child's ability to learn. There is so much about Waldorf homeschooling that feels right for us, but there are also things that just don't click. Modifying a Waldorf curriculum would be easy enough and I have most certainly considered that, but I'm egocentric enough to want something to be tailored to my idealized wants and needs, tailored to who my little wild ones are now and who they will become.

While my background in education is not extensive, it is something that I have known I would return to. I come from a family of teachers and teaching is part of our divine role with the community. My sister, now a retired first grade and kindergarten teacher, will be helping me shape our first year of homeschooling a kindergartner and preschooler and I will attempt to translate some of the traditional demands of public education, lots of nature and creativity from Waldorf, and my desire to have a truly Earth-based curriculum, into something that can at least be a start. With every step, I will share my progress and our efforts, and I hope you'll let me know how I'm doing.


  1. Been thinking about this all day! What a great adventure.

    1. Thanks for helping me stir the energy of it!