Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elimination Diet

I have hives.  Yes, so much fun.  I have spent the last few days recalling the day they started, trying to think of something definitive that could tell me what caused them.  No luck.  Do an elimination diet.  That's what I've been told.  Find our what you are allergic to.  Yep, I know those already.  Here is what I'm allergic to:

1.  The stars not aligning to deliver me the balance and easy decision making that I want.  So I'm eliminating that.

2.  Not believing that no matter what I really will make the right decision for whatever latest major life occurrence is happening.  Yep, I'll eliminate that one too.

3.  People and paths that don't support me and mine.  Gone.

4.  Cats, maybe.  Good thing I'm not eating ours.  Shoo cat, shoo!

5.  Not believing that my crazy scheme will succeed, when, clearly, millions of people have crazy schemes that work.  And I'm not even as crazy as them!  I will strike this from the list and eliminate it!

So, now lets see what happens with these hives.  I'll keep drinking my nettles tea, taking a few herbs, going bra-less and trying to distract myself from the itch, itch, itch, and we'll see how this elimination diet works.

You have anything you need to eliminate before it gives you hives?

Don't hold back!  BE THE TRUE YOU!

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