Monday, July 16, 2012

Fringe Benefits

The girls and I took a trip to the nearest JoAnn Fabric & Craft the other day.  It was a drive into San Antonio, my first since moving here, and it was, fortunately, uneventful.  As I walked into the store I realized that once we officially become homeschoolers, we will be eligible for home educator discounts at a variety of stores, JoAnn's included.  This is no small thing to me.  The information page for this discount describes that it gives the home educator 15% off every purchase in addition to an initial coupon of 20% off an entire purchase just for registering as an educator.  I also noticed that JoAnn's has an extensive selection of Faber-Castell products, which are a step up from the average crayon and map color.  This includes a much less expensive set of beeswax crayons compared to some of the other brands.

What are your favorite supplies for homeschooling and creativity, and where do you buy them?  And what stores do you benefit from having a home-educator discount to?


  1. I am not a home educator, I certainly do not have the patience for it! I admire anyone who does! But I do absolutely love Joann's!

    Thank you for linking up to the Pagan Pages Blog Hop!


    1. Thanks Kourtney! It's still a few weeks before school starts, so we're hoping to make it to the starting line without any mishaps. If I'm still blogging about homeschooling in September then you know we made it! Thanks for stopping by!