Sunday, August 5, 2012

Are we rolling to a stop?

I am asking important questions this week about homeschooling, and as a mother of daughters, one of the most significant questions has become, "Do I want my children to homeschool their children?"  I googled whether or not homeschooled kids are homeschooling their kids and found a few evasive and defensive responses that challenged the cause for asking the question in the first place.

Well, here is why I am asking it.  If homeschooled kids don't grow up to homeschool their kids, it doesn't entirely support the ideal of homeschooling.  And if they do, which gender does it?  Are homeschooled boys growing up and skipping a potential career that makes millions so they can homeschool their children?  Or are they growing up and expecting their wives to skip that career so they can homeschool their children? Or are our daughters skipping their careers so they can also be home with their children?

I have to admit that the possible answers to those questions make me feel really, really uncomfortable.  And when I ask the question to myself "Do I want my daughters to grow up and homeschool their daughters, foregoing whatever possible full time or part-time career they might explore for the sake of being home with their kids?" I feel even more uncomfortable. 

I am not invalidating the need for a loving and present set of parents, and it is often a surprise to me what I am willing to sacrifice for myself in order to be there for the girls.  I also know there are families making it work, splitting the effort, and juggling slivers of professions as they can, but these questions and potential answers lead to places of discomfort for me, and visions of limited opportunity. 

I am not sure where we are going with homeschooling, but these topics are are really relevant to us and I am glad to be letting these thoughts roll around, glad to have the opportunity to discover how we respond to them.

UPDATE:  We continue to shift in our emotions and thoughts about the issues.  The first day of school is 10 days away, and our indecision is looming, but I'll make sure to update when that day comes and share what we have decided.  The clock is ticking . . .

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