Thursday, September 20, 2012

And this is how the energy clogs . . .

Right now my husband is rushing to the local hardware store for drain cleaner while in both bathrooms of our home there is standing water.  We noticed the water leaking from the base of the toilet before I showered, and when I got out of the shower . . . yep, EVERYWHERE!  Did I mention that the washing machine was on while I showered?  And there is now standing water in the bathtub.

Just a clog, just a leak?  No way!

For a few weeks now, every time I've entered the master bath, I've been conscious of my own stagnance.  This part of our home is in the children and creativity area on the Bagua Map.  It also borders our relationship area, and that's a whole other story!  But I've been stuck.  Really stuck.  Like, for years.  Each time I entered this space I thought "I need to really clean this bathroom, because if I don't, something is gonna happen relating to creativity."  The bathroom has been "clean" but not cleansed.  I could feel it.  I could feel my own blocks being influenced by the blocks of this area in my home, and I could feel my issues creating issues in the space. 

Yet, I did nothing.  I chose not to act on that intuition and here is where we ended up!

But there is a silver lining.

Yesterday was a huge day for me.  HUGE!  I got so much done, made some big decisions for myself and my business, and it all began to flow.  I was getting UNstuck.  The energy flowed, and flowed, just like the water that is saturating the 20 or so towels in both bathrooms.  It was such a huge outpouring, that it OVERflowed.

There are obviously still issues, and these issues created side effects, like me having to cancel a massage at the last minute (not good!), but I know now that once I clear out some of these clogs, in my home and in my energy, it will be smooth sailing and clean flushing.  Sorry for that imagery!

If you are feeling stuck, look to your environment.  What's stuck in your space?  What's not being honored and given room?  Do all doors open?  Are all spaces functional?  When was the last time you cleaned that bathtub?  It all affects you and your own flow, your own sacred accomplishment.  The more you get unstuck in your sacred space, the more it will support you and help you get unstuck in your own sacred vessel of energy and flesh.

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