Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moon-day Dreams

This week we start our "Big dreams" unit for our second week homeschooling.  As part of that, we'll being doing a moon diary, which will involve observing the moon, learning about the cycles, and learning some esoteric associations of lovely Luna.  We might even do a little wishing and dreaming about all those dreams, sending them up to Luna to help fulfill them for my sweet girls and the big dreams they surely have for themselves. 

This is an extension of the "All about me" unit we dabbled in last week and will include a little more on the senses, particularly, the sixth sense and tuning into it.  I believe that encouraging children to listen to their inner voice will make them that much stronger as individuals, and that much safer in certain situations.

And as a mom who has been on mommy-shift for several years now, with little to no break, I think it's time I checked in on my own big dreams.  I hope you'll check back to see what we share!


  1. I like this idea a lot. We may end up implementing a similar idea soon. Everybody needs a little more dreamwork.

    1. Dream work is big stuff! Let me know if you come up with something you want to share!