Sunday, September 9, 2012

Unlearning it . . .

The first two weeks of homeschool, admittedly, have not been very wild.  They have been exciting, nerve-wracking, and suspciously lacking in anything creative or artistic.  The trouble with all this, is that what is in my heart is not what is in my head.  And what is in my creative flow, is not what is in my public school past.

I have heard that many parents who choose to homeschool have to UNLEARN public school before they can move forward with an authentic learning experience for their kids.  Amen to that! 

The great thing is that based on the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge for Kindergarten, Jetta is already ahead of the game.  That means we can sit back and relax, and find the way that we are going to best succeed at home.  We do need to keep up a certain level of accomplishment because of the possibility that she'll be enrolled in public school at some point, but we can also incorporate much more wildness, much more creativity than we've managed in the last two week.

I hope your homeschooling is going well, and that you'll share with me how your first few weeks have been!

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