Friday, October 26, 2012

Freedom Friday

I am remembering that this weekend I am (and you are) free to choose the following:

to be happy, no matter your circumstances
to smile, even if you weren't happy yesterday
to be grateful for all that you have, even if what you have to be grateful for is limited
to be brave, even when the world has scared you
to be strong, even when the world has beaten you down
to be free, even if you feel trapped by circumstances
to love, even if it is only to, and especially to, love yourself
to breathe, deeply, slowly, and with the knowing that you are new and reborn with every breath.

So take time in this moment, and I'll do the same, to breathe as deeply and as fully as you can.  Breathe in all that happiness, courage, strength, love and freedom.   Smile as you do it, and know that you are valued for who you are in this moment, exactly as you are, exactly as your finances are, exactly as your body looks and your hair looks.  You are valued and I value you.  And I value myself, as I breathe in all that goodness that is just waiting to be claimed.

Happy Friday.

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