Monday, October 8, 2012


This week we are starting our pumpkin theme.  If you haven't done pumpkins yet but want to, what we're doing is simple.

1.  Go to your local library and find as many pumpkin books as your heart desires, and even better if you can reserve them online like I did!  Make sure to get a variety of writing style and tone, and include nonfiction, as well as fiction.  I also included a couple pumpkin/Halloween dvds to use on Fun Friday (more on that on Wednesday, so check back!).

2.  Go to Pinterest and search "pumpkin crafts" or "homeschool pumpkin crafts" etc.  You get the idea.  Then find two or three things you think your child or children can handle.  Don't get stuck on the made-for-mom-crafts or you'll end up with bored kids!  Do find something for you to do when there is down time, because you need to feed your own creativity this week!

3.  If you haven't picked out pumpkins from a patch or the local grocery chain, choose a day and do it.  Carving the pumpkin can wait if you need to (the do rot pretty quickly in warmer climates), but involve the kids in picking them.

4.  Find a recipe to bake and incorporate something pumpkin:  pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, or just roast those pumpkin seeds.  Hearth crafts are not only important to your child's memory of growing up, your child's long term health and wellness, but are also important to our culture.  You're doing your child and our culture a favor by baking with them!

5.  There's no 5, just have fun!

Here's what we're interested in doing this week:

Monday:  start with pumpkin books and a basic pumpkin craft for kids, like this one from Martha Stewart.

Since Monday is Moonday Magic, I foresee a pumpkin seed activity involving mystery and spirit! 

You can buy pumpkin seeds at any health food store, or in your bulk bin area of you grocery store.  Occasionally, you can find them in the produce section in packaged dried goods (like trail mix).

Tuesdays are spent at the library and playgroup.

Wednesday:  After our trip to a local pumpkin patch, we'll resume our pumpkin readings and this time think about our own pumpkin stories.  We'll dream and dance the mystery of pumpkins, finding what stories might be inside us. (Think lights out, wild music, no inhibition, and letting the pumpkin stories rise up out of us-- who knows how frivolous, creative or profound they might be!)

And maybe we'll do this pumpkin craft:
Thursday will be our busy day at home, more stories, workbook for linear work, and where we incorporate science into our lesson.  I've checked out a couple nonfiction books on pumpkins, so that will guide us, but if nothing inspiring comes along we'll just resort to google and stumble upon something.

And if there is time, we might try this:
Okay, so that's one of those mom crafts I mentioned-- the girls can help, and this will give me a sense of having gotten my own selfish pleasure out of the week.

Fridays are Fun (or Field Trip) Fridays, so we'll gather ourselves up and head out to . . . somewhere.  No plans on that one yet, but if all else fails we'll take a walk at the local park.  We'll also be baking pumpkin something . . .

Next week we blend pumpkins and apples (because we need to do apple crafts but all the apple books are checked out at the library).  The following week we'll do WITCHES!  I can't wait!  And the last few days of October, which is the week of Halloween and the beginning of November, we'll do Halloween (or Day of the Dead, or Samhain, or All Hallows Eve) as a holiday for the ancestors.  That will include some talk about our own ancestors and an ancestor altar.

Check back to see what our Wild Week entails-- a focus for each day to keep me on track and relaxed.


  1. I absolutely adore pumpkins and cannot wait to visit our local pumpkin patch (for the last time before we head home to the U.S.) this month!

    1. Hurray for pumpkin patches! And I hope you have a safe trip back to the US. Blessings in your travelling!

  2. Ha! I almost called you today for an idea on how to burn one of the tall beeswax candles I got from you. The pumpkin candle is awesome! Can't wait to add one to my studio!