Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wildschooling Wisdom #2

Let the ancestors guide you, or at least those who've gone before you.

There was a time when things were simpler.  No tv.  No ipads.  No microwaves.  No leaving your kids with total strangers and hoping it went well.

We, as a species, evolved to this point of extreme success because of everything that happened BEFORE the industrial revolution, mass media, and a daycare on every corner.  I know-- there are so many mothers and fathers who have no choice.  Some days I question whether we really have a choice too, but here we are, surviving near poverty for the sake of not leaving our kids with total strangers and giving them the space to evolve in a more organic manner.  Only the ancestors know how long this will last for us, so while we can manage we're grateful and will make the best of it. 

And until things are different, I look to those who have gone before for what is real and pertinent to my children's lives.  Nature.  Natural things.  Real connections based on human relationship, not based on the best toy or the coolest costume.  And the opportunity to grow and learn in the way that is innate and comfortable for them.

As the ancestors and spirits dance among us on this Halloween, remember what wisdom they have shared with you about living, growing, and learning.  And please feel free to share it or a link to your blog or website.

Happy Halloween!

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