Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Do You Have to Give?

My good friend Rae, over at Creativity Tribe, is talking about giving.  She's talking about giving back, and remembering when that giving was returned.  I know that story all too well, and I've been on the receiving end a lot.  So many times in my life, it seems, have I been a place of needing, and someone has given.  And what a gift it would be to be the one who had enough this time to share in the giving, to honor that which has been given to me in the past, in those down-trodden times, and give forward!

I'm recalling all those times that I felt destitute.  I'm remembering all those times when someone bailed us out of what felt like the bottom of the barrel.  Yet, here we are, living, learning, loving.  It feels like we don't have enough on so many days of the week, but we have so much that I can choose to be home with my children.  We have enough.  We have more than enough.  We have enough to thrive and live beautifully within our means, while choosing to have more time, more love, more joy, and less things.  More magic, more wildness, more pausing in the moment.

It is a wonderful trend on Facebook this time of year, to list the many things you are thankful for each day of the month in November.  We say gratitude prayers every night, and what I am thankful for is very personal, so I skip sharing on FB.  But I'm thinking of another trend that could be started-- a trend of giving every day.  Giving for the sake of giving.  Giving to remind ourselves that we have something to give and that we truly are the lucky ones.

This is powerful.  This is real.  And I can't wait to get started.


  1. Wow, Jessica! Just lovely! And it is true, you have so much to give. I have a decade of your giving saved up in one of my pockets.

    1. Thanks for hangin' around for that decade! And thanks for giving and receiving along the way.

  2. Thank you, Jessica!
    This really resonates with me now.
    I have just recently experienced how giving can be an adventure, like planting magic beans that grow into treasures in ways you never anticipated.
    To paraphrase a wise man, "when you give, you will receive

    1. Eric, what wonderful imagery you've used-- so cool to imagine those magic beans being given forward and seeing what comes of it for the giver and the receiver!

  3. When we were buying our Thanksgiving dinner, my husband decided on having Ham instead of Turkey -- and so when we went to pick out one, I got a weird feeling that I hadn't given Thanks as I used to for the food I ate in a long time. Holding for a slight moment the Ham we decided on, I imagined it as being a live Pig that had lived a good life and had given it up for a human to survive on food for. It had kind of made me sad, thinking of how cute Pigs are, they have some of the softest noses that wiggle all the time, and their chubby bodies waddling as they ran around. When I saw the envisioned Pig I was holding smile up at me, I thanked it for giving its life for us to have a nice dinner of Thanksgiving together, just the two of us -- and a little left over to use for sandwiches and whatever else we may use to make the rest of the Ham with.

    Thank you for this post, Jessica xo.
    )O( Shami