Friday, November 30, 2012

Would you do it again?

It seems like the girls and our full life is taking over all the time I have to get on here and write a post or two.  Every night we say our gratitude prayers.  Every morning we have our protein shakes made with homemade kefir.  And somehow, all the in between time gets filled up.  This last week we've been recovering from tummy upset with the girls.  Before that it was colds.  Somewhere in there we've done a little homeschooling, but not nearly as much as I think we should.

And so as we begin the last month of the semester, I'm asking daily, on a moment by moment basis, will we keep doing this?  Will we keep homeschooling?  Will we keep not using a more structured curriculum?  Will we stick with the playgroup where there are no girls Jetta's age?  And so on.

There are definitely limitations to our lifestyle, but when I think of all the reasons we chose to attempt homeschooling in the first place, they are still there, still filling up my heart with the need to keep them closer, keep them safe, and let them run a little wilder than they might otherwise.

So, yes, we'll still be homeschooling in January.  I can't say I feel like we're succeeding all that much with getting structured learning time into the day, but I also feel like we are at the tip of the iceberg in terms of what we are attempting to do and where we are attempting to go with this.  We've dangled our feet into the pool and not really even jumped in yet.

As the year end approaches, there are other things that I am revisiting, wondering if I'll make the choice to do that again.  Rather than have regrets, we can use those choices as lessons of having learned what we truly don't want, and truly do want.

What will you choose to do again, and what you choose to do differently?

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  1. I am looking forward to this month coming up...looking forward to asking that question for myself. What is working, what needs to shift. I like that you aren't having to get it perfect right out of the gate. It's a reminder that I don't have to either! Thanks for being a reflection of that.