Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick Links for Free Information: Kindergarten

This first semester has been less than ideal for us as homeschoolers.  My flaws as a parent and teacher are shining bright, but in the middle of that I see that if we just keep biting off little bits of what we need, eventually we will have eaten the whole cookie and we'll be doing things the way that works and the way that we can achieve success.

With that in mind, I have a few more links to share if you are trying to muddle through kindergarten without a purchased curriculum or would simple like more information on how to bring things together.

My first link is a 38 week curriculum chart.  If you are like me and need a simplified version of what is going on, but still need the framework of where to go, this is really useful.  I printed this out and can check through what we have already covered, and what we still need to address.

Digging around looking for more Waldorf information, but trying not to spend the hundreds of dollars it would take for a full curriculum, I found this page, an overview on Waldorf education for the early years.  There are books we can buy that would supplement this information and surely round out our understanding of what we need to do for our younger students, but this is a great place to start so those roots can grow deeply, even if we do end up buying more printed information.

If you are leaning toward more Earth-based homeschooling (with Earth-based spirituality influences, rather than just nature-based) you'll find Pooka Pages a delight and wonderful addition to homeschooling, after-schooling, or just family fun.  These are free and invaluable, so don't miss the chance to get on the mailing list!

And finally, is a site with loads of resources for reading and for a very small fee you can expand what is available.  It is computer based, so we only spend time on it once or twice a week, but has proven to really help, especially when we have otherwise been floundering.

As a last suggestion, I find that I gather more information for myself when I search with phrases that don't include homeschool.  Much of the homeschool sites are strictly for profit, while public education institutes work to make information available to parents as a way of involving them and keeping their students' home life educational.  Instead of searching with the phrase "homeschool kindergarten curriculum", try "kindergarten curriculum."  I wanted a week by week plan, so I searched "kindergarten curriculum week by week" and that led to better results.

I hope your first semester of homeschooling is finishing up nicely and that the holiday season is bringing you lots of warm fires, sweet smells, yummy treats, and loads of time with family!

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