Monday, February 11, 2013

Body Wisdom Project: Believe

It's the second new moon of the year and that brings me to the second theme of the Body Wisdom Project. Rachel, at Creativity Tribe, and I are dabbling with this notion that our bodies hold a wisdom that needs to be heeded.  This time we've chosen the word BELIEVE. 

Believe in myself.

Believe in my body.

Believe in the innate value of my soul's purpose, however inconsequential is may seem at times.

Believe in my body the way I believe in divinity, with prayer and magic and dance and an awe that takes my breath away.

What would happen if I believed in my body the way I believe in the the spiritual experience?  What would happen if I allowed myself to see this flesh as sacred  . . . just as it is?  What would happen if caring for my body became a spiritual process and believing what my body tells me became a part of my religion?

Who would I be without the crutch of doubt, without the inhibiting notions that somehow my body isn't good enough?  Who would I be and where would I go if I believed every word that my body whispered and listened to wisdom it yearned to convince me of?

I'm not there yet, but believing in the smallest part of that, the faintest whisper of truth, is where I'll start. 

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