Monday, March 11, 2013

Pisces Reflections

It is the new moon in Pisces and still Mercury retrograde.  Old habits die hard, but with this combination we're sure to reinvent ourselves or dig up an old project that is ready to be refreshed! 


Each month, Rachel and I have a theme for the new moon, a focus to guide us in our journey through body wisdom.  The Body Wisdom Project is what we've dubbed it.  It is an opportunity for us to remember and relearn the wisdom our bodies innately carry and the wisdom we gain from tuning in and listening.

Last month was our Believing Moon.  Believing, having faith, trusting.  And with that new awareness, that new ability to listen and believe what our cells are working to convince us of, we sit with this Pisces moon and reflect.  This month's theme is Reflection Moon.

I am reflecting on what has passed, on what I have learned.  But I am also REFLECTING, being a mirror to the moon and showing the moon her own beauty.  She is doing the same for me.  She is reflecting back what I have not been able, willing or BRAVE enough to see.  She might show me flaws, but she will also show me the wisdom, beauty and strength that is so hard to see about myself.

And there it is, right in front of me.  No reasons to deny it.  No way to ignore it.  Pisces Luna and her water nature cannot resist mirroring what needs to be resurrected, an image of myself that is a Goddess, a powerful manifestation of all that has come and all that has been weathered.  I grow larger than life in the pool of reflection with this moon, and my confidence soars as she smiles with psychic love, basking in this divinity that I mirror for her.


And all this is with the sliver of a moon.  Surely this journey will swell as she does!

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