Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beginning the Journey with Nettles

I am not a person with a lot of the fire element in my constitution.  I'm more of a water and earth, slow to make progress, slow to embrace change, vulnerable to the moving, hard knocks world around me kind of girl.  An herb like Nettles just might do me some good, but I have not yet made friends with the spirit of Nettles.

Traditionally, Nettles has been used for a variety of issues, including allergies, for UTI's, and for it's high mineral content.  You can read more about the nutrient content of Nettles at Botanical.com:  A Modern Herbal and at Mountain Rose Herbs.  Susun Weed recommends drinking a quart of Nettles infusion each day and while I have attempted this a time or two, my palate is squeamish and untried.  The taste is a definite deterrent!

I find myself wondering just what I need to do to join hands with Nettles and sing a little Kumbaya. 

Appealing to the spirit of Nettles in a respectful and humble way might help.  Yes, this is esoteric.  Why not just sweeten it?  Why not add herbs?  I have, and still, I am stumped.  So in the spirit of shamanic herbalism, I send a quiet plea to Nettles . . .

Wild Nettles
Let me embrace you.
Wild, fiery Nettles
Let me desire you.
Wild, fiery, protective Nettles
Let me learn from you.
Wild, fiery, protective, nourishing Nettles
Let me take you into my body and blend easily with your nature so that I may heal those parts of me that will only heal from you.
Wild Nettles
Let me be wild with you.

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