Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Wooden Homeschool Calendar

I spent a lot of time mulling over just how our homeschool calendar should be, most of which involved planning how I could avoid having to cut wood.  Using paper and a cork board was always in the back of my mind, but I wanted something with wood, something that would express the nature of our "wild" schooling.  In the end, I went with using the materials I had on hand, and letting it be imperfect so I could make progress and actually get it done.  I'm super happy to share the results. 

This was a simple process that I'll walk you through:

1.  Cut the wood to size.  Ours is small.  This is a 12" x 16" board (give or take). 
2.  Prepare, stain, or paint the wood to your preferred color.
3.  Measure out the calendar grid.  I used a ruler, making seven days, a spot for the year, month, season, weather, moon phase and left a spot for creating an image that will represent the month or season.
4.  Paint your grid.  I used a gold paint pen.  Once the grid was prepared, we added a nail for every place we'd need a number, season, weather, etc.
5.  Write your days of the week with something like a sharpee (this is a mom-only task in our house).
6.  Prepare your numbers.  This will involve writing your numbers and adding any kind of color that you choose.  I wrote the numbers with a permanent marker, and then traced over them with a beeswax crayon for a little depth.  Next we drilled small holes to fit over the nail and then I added glitter spray.
7.  Don't forget your holiday, weather, and moon phase pieces.  For September, we have a spot for the Autumnal Equinox.
8.  Last is the month, year, and seasons.  I used torn kraft paper for this.  I did a double glued layer for a little more stability and then used a hole punch for the holes.

And now you're done!

A few things to consider adding would be a spot for yesterday, today, and tomorrow, pockets to hold the extra numbers, months, etc. or a place for emotions and each kiddo to pick how they are feeling that day.  In the end, I am happy that we have a calendar that will last beyond our elementary years and become a perpetual calendar for our family that matches our d├ęcor and expresses a little of who we are.

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