Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wildschooling: Our Homeschool Rules!

We're getting  a late start to some of the aspects of our homeschooling year and there are a variety of things I just never got done last year.  Last year, in so many ways, was like working our way through a jungle of unknowns and this year, after a lot of indecision and worry, we're homeschooling again.  Or as I like to say:  WILDSCHOOLING!

Our homeschool rules are actually FAMILY rules, because they apply to all of us.  It's my intention to focus on the attribute we want to encourage, rather than focus too heavily on a list of "No . . ."  It's easy enough to be negative and we are no stranger to that.  In fact, as a family that tends to run more on the emotional side of things, negativity comes easily.  For our girls, we have to consciously work at cultivating optimism and compassion and our homeschooling/family rules are no exception. 

Without further adieu . . . .

The sparkle makes it harder to read the rules with a flash on the camera, so here they are without that sparkle:
You'll notice that we do have one rule that starts with "no."  Playing in the bathroom is a sore spot with a grown-up or two in our house, and it has become enough of an issue that it was important to be specific.  We have other rules that we are specific about, such as no hitting, no biting, etc., but most of those fall under the first six rules.  And yes, my husband and I hold ourselves to all seven rules as well.
Creating this plaque was simple enough.  I took a wooden box that once held wooden beads (you know how those Melissa and Doug containers become useless at some point . . .), printed our rules on kraft paper, tore the edges and decoupaged it onto the wood.  After some beeswax crayon embellishment, I used some glitter spray.  Much as it is important to be natural in our house, we DO own glitter spray and use it when we need some sparkle.  Wildschooling frequently requires sparkle!
How do you handle rules for your homeschool?  Are they different to family rules?  Or combined?  I'd love to hear how you have worked with rules in your own home!
Coming soon:  our Wildschooling calendar!  (expect more sparkle!!!!)


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