About Jessica

Work at home wild woman.  Mom to two amazing, wild girls. On the Green Path. Wife to my best friend and soulmate. Step-mom to two great kids that are wild and wonderful. Sugar Addict. Imperfect and idealistic. Trying every day to walk more of the walk.

Always a dreamer, my vision of the ideal has taken me down many paths, many roads to prosperity, and many roads of hardship. It has been a messy and glorious journey from point A to point Now, and along this journey I discovered that doing things naturally was something that fed my soul, softened my fears, and made me feel right with the world. Integrating body, mind, and spirit is no exception to this, so I find myself extending 'natural' into all aspects of my life. 

I started my spiritual explorations more than 15 years ago, dabbling and reading new age books that were about metaphysics and reincarnation. It wasn't until I took a Native American Literature class in 1996 that I truly integrated nature-based perspectives into my view of the world. Nature and multiplicity became the foundations for my beliefs. And while my connection to the mystical has been up and down, sometimes saturating my daily life and at other times gone from me, absent when I most need it, my spiritual interpretation of the world around me has remained constant and I have not had a single day in which I wasn't working to connect with the path that I am intended to lead.

With a varied background ranging from teaching English literature to selling supplements in a small natural foods store, to teaching mind/body fitness, and finally pursuing intuitive healing methods, I bring to the table a long list of experiences and a pretty decent basket of knowledge. I have arrived at a place in my life where, it seems, all these paths will begin to merge into one, allowing me to integrate all of the parts of myself. This journey of integration is slow and detailed, thick with lessons in patience and endurance. While I work to claim time for myself in the day, I sometimes thrive and sometimes struggle through the process of mothering, and now homeschooling, my two girls.

It is amid this balance between momentum and grounding, patience and motivation, that I reach out to connect with the world from this site. Imperfect and incomplete, this business is still a start, a beginning. And I'll take that.