Thursday, September 20, 2012

And this is how the energy clogs . . .

Right now my husband is rushing to the local hardware store for drain cleaner while in both bathrooms of our home there is standing water.  We noticed the water leaking from the base of the toilet before I showered, and when I got out of the shower . . . yep, EVERYWHERE!  Did I mention that the washing machine was on while I showered?  And there is now standing water in the bathtub.

Just a clog, just a leak?  No way!

For a few weeks now, every time I've entered the master bath, I've been conscious of my own stagnance.  This part of our home is in the children and creativity area on the Bagua Map.  It also borders our relationship area, and that's a whole other story!  But I've been stuck.  Really stuck.  Like, for years.  Each time I entered this space I thought "I need to really clean this bathroom, because if I don't, something is gonna happen relating to creativity."  The bathroom has been "clean" but not cleansed.  I could feel it.  I could feel my own blocks being influenced by the blocks of this area in my home, and I could feel my issues creating issues in the space. 

Yet, I did nothing.  I chose not to act on that intuition and here is where we ended up!

But there is a silver lining.

Yesterday was a huge day for me.  HUGE!  I got so much done, made some big decisions for myself and my business, and it all began to flow.  I was getting UNstuck.  The energy flowed, and flowed, just like the water that is saturating the 20 or so towels in both bathrooms.  It was such a huge outpouring, that it OVERflowed.

There are obviously still issues, and these issues created side effects, like me having to cancel a massage at the last minute (not good!), but I know now that once I clear out some of these clogs, in my home and in my energy, it will be smooth sailing and clean flushing.  Sorry for that imagery!

If you are feeling stuck, look to your environment.  What's stuck in your space?  What's not being honored and given room?  Do all doors open?  Are all spaces functional?  When was the last time you cleaned that bathtub?  It all affects you and your own flow, your own sacred accomplishment.  The more you get unstuck in your sacred space, the more it will support you and help you get unstuck in your own sacred vessel of energy and flesh.

The Rooted Path

I have been all over the place with intentions.  I have been here, there, up, down, drowning in indecision, overwhelmed with inadequacy.  But always, my heart would beg for following an intuitive path.  And always, my heart would find itself thriving on the holistic path.

They seemed separate to me.  Separate and far out of reach.  It has always felt like one or the other, or neither.  I can't tell you how many times I have faced my own failure, faced the lack of success that has come from my non-linear existence, looked at myself in the mirror and wondered how I would ever come back to that mirror and be willing to look again.

I have wanted to succeed.  I have tried to force myself into that square box and succeed in the way that others want me to succeed.

But it's just not who I am.  It's not who my soul is.  It's not what path I have been travelling and it sure as hell isn't the path ahead of me.  Like a shamanic call, my soul has been called to the creative, intuitive, holistic path, all wrapped into one.  Sometimes they mesh.  Sometimes they don't.  But it is what is real to me, what matters at the end of the day when I put my children to bed.  And no matter how hard I've tried to become better at something else, this part of me won't go away.

So I'm giving in.  I'm surrendering that other fight, so that maybe I can pick up another one, a fight to thrive, a fight to be the best me, and share the best things I have to share, and teach the best things that I have to teach.  How else can I go back to that mirror and turn on the light, and look myself square in the eyes?  How else can I lift my head in the morning and see that I am sharing the world I want my girls to live in?  How else can I look into the future and know that whatever comes next, this moment was ripe with rightness and that my truth might just have helped someone else find their own truth, their own path?

My rooted path is a path of healing and intuition, hands-on wellness, and hearts-on guidance.  Massage, herbs, the sacred hearth, the green Earth, and divine guidance.  In my world now, there is no separation between these things and I am honored to share what comes from the deepest, most authentic place inside me.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Unlearning it . . .

The first two weeks of homeschool, admittedly, have not been very wild.  They have been exciting, nerve-wracking, and suspciously lacking in anything creative or artistic.  The trouble with all this, is that what is in my heart is not what is in my head.  And what is in my creative flow, is not what is in my public school past.

I have heard that many parents who choose to homeschool have to UNLEARN public school before they can move forward with an authentic learning experience for their kids.  Amen to that! 

The great thing is that based on the Texas Essential Skills and Knowledge for Kindergarten, Jetta is already ahead of the game.  That means we can sit back and relax, and find the way that we are going to best succeed at home.  We do need to keep up a certain level of accomplishment because of the possibility that she'll be enrolled in public school at some point, but we can also incorporate much more wildness, much more creativity than we've managed in the last two week.

I hope your homeschooling is going well, and that you'll share with me how your first few weeks have been!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finding Focus (Phew, Cuz this Brain's Pretty Scattered!)

For quite some time now, I have been trying to articulate for myself, just what my "big plan" is with this blog.  In my non-linear brain and overly emotional system, finding focus for any length of time is challenging.  Oh, okay, having small children makes it that much harder, but there's a lot of ME in the scatter.  I am happy to say that soon, there will be more focus here on the blog, more clarity in what I'm doing here and in person!

Not too long from now there will be more big news, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's 8 AM, do you know where your brain is?

A relaxed Wednesday morning at home . . . homeschool that is.  We'll energize and focus in a bit, but for now puzzles and Yoga Kids enliven our minds and hearts.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moon-day Dreams

This week we start our "Big dreams" unit for our second week homeschooling.  As part of that, we'll being doing a moon diary, which will involve observing the moon, learning about the cycles, and learning some esoteric associations of lovely Luna.  We might even do a little wishing and dreaming about all those dreams, sending them up to Luna to help fulfill them for my sweet girls and the big dreams they surely have for themselves. 

This is an extension of the "All about me" unit we dabbled in last week and will include a little more on the senses, particularly, the sixth sense and tuning into it.  I believe that encouraging children to listen to their inner voice will make them that much stronger as individuals, and that much safer in certain situations.

And as a mom who has been on mommy-shift for several years now, with little to no break, I think it's time I checked in on my own big dreams.  I hope you'll check back to see what we share!