"Wildschooling.  Waldorf meets shamanism, art meets hiking, dance meets the four elements.   Wildschooling:  Schooling that promotes the wild spirit, that encourages the stirring of the inner fires and creative expression beyond water colors and beeswax.  Wildschooling:  Schooling that not only encourages the eruption of the unbound inner self, but also nurtures it, coaxes it, and teaches it to be bold and brave when facing both the mundane and mystical worlds." (continue reading this article here . . .)

Is what we are doing any different than any other homeschooling family?  We do linear work, we do creative work, we seek out nature.  So why is it "Wildschooling" and not just Waldorf, or not just regular ol' homeschooling?

Maybe it's not that different.  But in the same way that stretching lengthens the muscles and yoga lengthens the muscles and the soul, our intention is what is key.  I want to give my girls something fuller and more three or four dimensional than school and I want to make nature, their spirit, their inherent wildness, just as much a part of their curriculum and their lives as reading, writing, and arithmetic.  If you are looking for resources, information, and inspiration for your earth-based homeschooling or parenting, I'm hoping the following will help.

WildWood Naturals Homeschool Planning Topics

WildWood Naturals Creating a Homeschool Curriculum Topics

Why does my child need nature?

Nature Deficit Disorder and Last Child in the Woods, by Richard Louv

Ten Reasons Kids Need Fresh Air

Why Our Children Need Nature

GreenHeart Education

How can I develop my child's intuition?

Want Intuitive Kids?  Empower Them

Ten Tips to Nurture Your Child's Intuition

Supporting Children's Intuition Is Important To Their Success As Adults

The Wise Child and The Intuitive Spark by Sonia Choquette

Why does my child need creativity and creative learning?

Why We Need to Let Kids Be Creative

Creativity in Children

How can I encourage my child's creativity?

Creativity Belongs to Children

7 Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Kids

The No-Push Method for Developing Creativity

Nature-based and Waldorf Home Education Curriculum

Little Acorn Learning:  Celebrating the Seasons with Children

Oak Meadow:  Homeschooling Curriculum, Resources and Support

Earthschooling (The BEarth Institute)

Enki Homeschool Curriculum

Other Resources

Resources for Pagan Homeschoolers

The Secular Homeschool Community

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