Sunday, February 17, 2013

Decision Making Time: Cast Your Vote!

New year, new location, time for official business stuff and I sure can't seem to make myself decide.  So help me out if you happen to stop by and cast your vote with a comment!

The top four business names to make the final cut are:

Hearth Roots (keep it simple and stay with this name)

Hearth Root Holistics (that way the blog address stays the same)

WildWood Naturals (revert back to this, and have the ease of not creating new wholesale accounts with suppliers)

Wild Heart Holstics (a little Stevie Nicks, a little me, a lot of holistics)

Which one, which one?  Cast your vote and help me out!

Blessings and thanks,


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

From the Heart

With my Pisces nature, I can't guarantee that the next month won't bring changes, but what I can guarantee is that it will be from the HEART!  So follow me along my heart-felt path of healing, intuitive wisdom, and rooted wildness and we're sure to go far!

My favorite things for this week are:

Beautiful handmade paper, cut into Valentines!  You can find this tutorial at
I love this gratitude tree from The Nurture Store!
I can see some wild, creative and intuitive messages about personal power on these!  Thanks to Abundance Tapestry for this great idea.

This collage tree fills me with the wisdom that we all grow with love!  Find it pinned here, but if you find the original link and tutorial, let me know so I can give credit.
Find the love this week, for yourself and others, and grow with that love into your own strength, rooted to the earth, reaching for the sky, and always at least a little bit wild! My heart is yours!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Body Wisdom Project: Believe

It's the second new moon of the year and that brings me to the second theme of the Body Wisdom Project. Rachel, at Creativity Tribe, and I are dabbling with this notion that our bodies hold a wisdom that needs to be heeded.  This time we've chosen the word BELIEVE. 

Believe in myself.

Believe in my body.

Believe in the innate value of my soul's purpose, however inconsequential is may seem at times.

Believe in my body the way I believe in divinity, with prayer and magic and dance and an awe that takes my breath away.

What would happen if I believed in my body the way I believe in the the spiritual experience?  What would happen if I allowed myself to see this flesh as sacred  . . . just as it is?  What would happen if caring for my body became a spiritual process and believing what my body tells me became a part of my religion?

Who would I be without the crutch of doubt, without the inhibiting notions that somehow my body isn't good enough?  Who would I be and where would I go if I believed every word that my body whispered and listened to wisdom it yearned to convince me of?

I'm not there yet, but believing in the smallest part of that, the faintest whisper of truth, is where I'll start.