Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Contemplations

A few things I'm thinking about today . . .

1.  What five things can I do everyday of the next year that would lighten my carbon footprint, reduce waste, and improve the health of our household and family?  (like walk to church, buy eggs locally . . .)

2.  What things have I been touting to be doing, but that I just can't seem to master?  (like not using paper towels . . .)  How can I find a functional way to succeed at those things?

3.  How can I buy less plastic, and fewer things packaged in plastic?  (I think this is a bulk item issue, and a DIY issue!)

4.  I read an article about the oceans today.  At the bottom were comments from naysayers about climate change.  And to them (and myself, you, whoever) I say that even if there is no catastrophic end to the ways humans have learned to live, even if the oceans don't rise and the temps don't rise and the hurricanes don't increase, what we are doing is still raping forests, killing mass quantities of species, and increasing TOXIC waste that is killing us.  We don't need climate change to kill us.  We just need rivers that have too many carcinogens and soil that won't grow anything!

5.  Taking care of the earth is a moral issue.  We are tending the home of our grandchildren's grandchildren.  If we want them to live beyond the age of 35, they need a carcinogen-free world.

6.  Breathe, do what you can, and take it one action step at a time.

7.  How can I help locally with groups that care?

All across the globe, Earth Day has been celebrated and surely, as a whole, we are raising our consciousness about this.  But there is still a need for more things, prettier, shinier, faster, bigger things.  A new pair of shoes when the old ones still fit.  Another jacket when there are a dozen in the closet. 

If you are like me and you sometimes feel like this is a pointless exercise, remember that you are not alone.  You might be isolated, but there are millions, if not billions of other people who care about the same things that you do.  And we are the ones who will make a difference. 

Here is to another year of Earth-minded living!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Ideal Life: You, Me, Living Green, and Intuitively Living

In my ideal life, I share the importance of natural living.  Not just for you and your own wellness, but for your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren and all the children whose parents don't know how important natural living and sustainable choices are.

In my ideal life, I teach the innate value of intuition, both for adults and for children.  This thing called intuition, this inner knowing, has been too quiet, too berated, too overwhelmed with doubt.  It needs to be uplifted, restored, and enlivened.  Your daughters need to hear the voice that tells them no is okay.  And your sons need to hear the voice that tells them to stop. 

In my ideal life, I teach, share and facilitate natural wellness.    There are infinite ways to heal, some of them right at our fingertips and sharing that is a passion of mine.

In my ideal life, the numbers balance out, the dollars add up, and there is more elbow room in my pocket book . . . all because I choose to honor myself and the roles I know I have a deep seated need to fulfill.

In my ideal life, there is enough abundance to donate seasonally to those in need, to those who have been down-trodden and for those who have had hard times that lasted longer than their share.

In my ideal life, my children know the value of goodness, Earth, natural material goods instead of synthetic.  They know their own worth, they know their own strength, and their hearts  have not been wiped clean allowing someone else to inscribe what they believe is right.  My children will trust their own inclinations, professionally and personally, and will not be weighted down with the burdens that I wasn't brave enough to carry. 

My ideal life . . .

is today. 

And so is yours.